mirSense (MirS), France

mirSense is a French SME composed of 9 permanent employees and 3 PhD students. mirSense is a startup which develops and produces QCL diodes and advanced photonic devices such as wideband tunable sources for real-time, high sensitivity trace detection and chemical analysis of gas, liquids and solids by infra-red laser absorption spectroscopy, as well as high power lasers for DIRCM applications. mirSense is a spin-off from the III-V Lab in France where mid infrared sources based on Quantum Cascade Lasers have been developed during fifteen years. Thanks to this research, mirSense, established at the beginning of 2015, has a “unique” approach, using only microelectronic solutions without any moving mechanical or optic components, resulting in compact and robust devices. mirSense’s expertise is the development a unique silicon platform that enables mid-range photonics ICs. We use it for combining lasers and providing advanced MIR sensing solutions. Our philosophy is to be as close to the applications as possible. Our target customers are equipment manufacturers needing sensing systems such as for gas, chemical or medical sensing. Examples of mirSense products are : a multigas detecting laser module with pulsed or CW operation at room temperature, with 10 mW mean power, which offers a 100 cm-1 tuning range and a single gas laser, which can deliver more than 100 mW. We have already delivered hundreds of these lasers to customers.

Within the consortium, mirSense will realise dual wavelength MIR QCLs combined with a MOPA geometry. This will permit high power MIR QCLs to pump new MIR TMDs for efficient FIR generation. mirSense will further evaluate the new sources in terms of performances and their integration in compact spectrometers.

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